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Thank you WATKD families for an amazing summer camp!
August 31, 2015

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The Home of 61 National Champions

2015 Summer Camp

Beginning June 22 through August 14 - Registration Form Here - Schedule


Founded in 1983 in Mill Valley, California by Master Roger Carlon, West America Tae Kwon Do is home to over 60 National Champions, and a proud black belt school that produces not only martial arts practitioners, but also honorable citizens in our local community. West America Tae Kwon Do is a positive and fun environment where students grow their skills as martial artists. The ultimate goal at West America TKD is to help guide and build well-rounded students.

Introducing West America TKD After Care

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering the West America After Care Program in the Fall 2015. We understand that there is a need for a comprehensive after school program where students can receive professional tutoring, creative enrichment, and supervised play.

The director for this program will be Mr. Dylan Kersh-Oliva. Dylan has been working with young people as a teacher, tutor, and coach for over 12 years. He plans to use his experience and his Master’s in Education to design a program that will significantly help students to extend their learning and grow as individuals.

Sensei Carlon, founder of West America TKD and West America After Care, will be overseeing the program.


  • Free pick ups from Edna Maguire, Tam Valley, and Strawberry School
  • The enrichment program is open until 6 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Professional tutors that will directly support and extend the school curriculum
  • Homework will be completed daily (no more late nights at home!)
  • Spanish and French will be part of the program
  • Supervised play in a safe environment
  • A healthy snack selection
  • WATKD Students will be brought to their TKD lessons in the afternoon
  • An affordable after-care tutoring and enrichment program
  • Students who are not yet members of WATKD are welcome to be part of our After Care Program. (TKD classes are not included in the After Care fee. Please inquire about membership)

Here is the detailed pricing below:

  • 5 Days/Week for One Month = $500 ($25/day)
  • 4 Days/Week for One Month = $450 ($28/day)
  • 3 Days/Week for One Month = $360 ($30/day)
  • 2 Days/Week for One Month = $280 ($35/day)
  • 1 Day/Day for One Month = $140 ($35/day)
  • Drops-ins available at $35/day.

Download Registration Form - Also available at the Dojo


WATKD Holiday Party Video by Elliott Siu

We close out every year with a big holiday party with all of our families. Only this time Elliott made a video of it! Thanks Elliott!

WATKD Featured in Kiddo!'s Newsletter

"Any mention of martial arts in Mill Valley usually means a conversation about West America Tae Kwon Do.  Tucked behind Edna Maguire School, Sensei Roger Carlon’s dojo has been the after school, weekend and summer camp home for kids (and adults!) of all ages since 1983.  And today, nearly 30 years later, the school still boasts more than 200 students.
Before he became known simply as “Sensei,” Roger Carlon was a track and field star in France. Tired of running and following a stint in the French army, he relocated to New York City where he tended bar. In 1970, after a huge fight broke out in the bar, “It was just like in the movies,” Sensei started his Tae Kwon Do training to protect himself. “Because I am such a skinny guy, I wanted to learn a martial art that had a focus on many different kicks.” The rest, as they say, is history. Read More

Introductory Class

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Directions to the Dojo

Map to West America Tae Kwon Do

Class Schedule

Kids & Teens  
Little Ninjas
(Mon, Fri)
White 3:15-4:00
Yellow / Orange 4:00-4:45
Purple / Green / Blue 4:45-5:30
Brown / Red / Skunk / Black 5:30-6:15
Adult Class  
All Belts 6:15-7:15
Tuesdays and Thursdays




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